Ashira is available to teach workshops tailored to meet your needs at your studio, festival, hafla and other events. Most workshops can be made to fit into different time slots from 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2+ hours. Choreography can be added to most workshops if you desire. To book Ashira for a workshop , email

Suggested workshops include Shimmies From the Ground Up,  Slow Taqsim, Entrances and Exits, Sa’idi, Beledi and the following: 

Weight-Shift Wonders – 

Ashira teaches you how to use your weight from the ground up to improve your dance. When we know where our weight is centered, we can make fuller, more complete movements, shift seamlessly from one movement to another, and we more easily add new layers to our dance. In this workshop, we will take a new look at basic belly dance vocabulary through the lens of weight distribution based on my learnings with Tamalyn Dallal.
Shimmy-Liscious Layers –
Ashira teaches you how to use your weight from the ground up to take your shimmies to the next level! We will learn techniques to keep a long shimmy sustained without wearing ourselves out as well as how to shimmy using different motivators to all for accents or traveling in any direction. For this workshop we will focus on variations of 4 main shimmies: the Egyptian “straight-leg” shimmy, the bent-knee shimmy, a special 3-quarter shimmy and some shoulder shimmies for good measure. Once
we’ve got our shimmies on, we’ll add other movement layers to make our dancing shimmy-liscious!

Layer Up and Shimmy!

Combinations of Weight-Shift Wonders and Shimmy-Liscious Layers – 2 hr. workshop, ready to go as taught at the Dangerous Curves Belly Dance Convention in Spokane, WA, June 11, 2016.
Fearless and Fun Improvisation –
Do you want to have more freedom in your dance? To be able to dance to CD or live music on the spot? Break free from choreography! When you learn to improvise, you learn to enjoy the freedom of dancing in the moment, to be more free in relating to your music and audience, and you’ll be better equipped to deal with any situations which may arise during a performance. Ashira gently leads participants through a series of dance games and exercises that will get you improvising before you even realize it. We will explore musical interpretation and how to continue dancing even when our brains get stuck. Ashira will also cover how to use improv within “loose” choreographies and suggest ways to practice
at home to continue strengthening your improvisations.